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Reply To: T3101 Timer expiry


To improve SDCCH Call Drop and Failures.

There are several steps u can do before replacing the HW on the site.

– SDCCH failures can be caused by malfunction UE’s that don’t answer.
(this problem is very hard to get because u need to find the specific IMSI which is causing and then call the client).
To improve statistics I prefer to do :
– Add one more SDCCH channel on the seccond TRX on the cell, switch the priorities for allocation SDCCH.
– Change frequencies on BCCH.
– Try to move the failures to another cell like changing the Cell Reselection Offset of the sector so that the problem appears in the neighbor cell the problem is not from the HW.
– Try to check what are the levels for the failures if there is possibility to trace it and change the tilts of the sector if is a overshooter. If it is hard to make tilt changes, then reduce the power.