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Reply To: Repeated FACH/SACH


Hi Pix,
For all cells that the AMR_FR and RepSACCH are active, this parameter for legacy support is equal to 0(repeated DL FACCH enabled only for the AMR mobile stations having indicated the support of the feature by repeated ACCH Capability bit = 1).There are some cells that the AMR-FR is activated without RepSACCH and this parameter is 1.
After the AMR-FR and RepSACCH activation, we received the users complains related to conversation.
They complains that, few seconds after start the conversation the user stop to hear the other side and should be make a new call…
In problem cell I was tried just to disable the EN_AMR_FR and the problems does not occurs ??
Did you have any idea about our problems?
Thank you in advance!
Best regards,