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Reply To: Repeated FACH/SACH



your problem with the UL Quality HO is very interesting ad would like to help you more, but unfortunately I would need to truobleshoot it by myself: do drive-tests, check NPO and run some tests on parameters.
I have no clear idea on what should be checked, there are many things that pop to my mind.
First I would do a drivetest and check that the codec mode changes are taking place, and measure the UL RxQual for that call (if you can trace it ?). Try to understand for which codec the UL RxQual degrades. In RNO, the RMS measurements about AMR could give you a good overview too. Maybe you can share those vectors & matrices here ?


Just drag n drop those indicators one by one to the bottom panel, for a day for which AMR FR was activated.

I’m don’t know how useful will be the results, but well…