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Reply To: O&M link problem with flexi 2g/3g


I noticed that my post was perhaps a bit off-topic in this forum but anyway, thx for the reply, pix!
The issue finally came to its solution. As I threatened, I took the nice and mobile test unit of one main unit+trs of flexi multiradio 2G to the first entry of the transmission route, right before the 2 flexi packet hops, and hooked “her” up there, and bang.
Everything started to roll up nicely ane the device was ready to get “on air” in just few minutes, without a radio of course ;). No O&M disconnections were to be seen anymore!
So next thing I took this babe behind the first flexipacket hop and the problem instantly occurred again!
So, I gave all the equipment of the first hop ANOTHER electricity off/on treatment during this issue at hands, and that finally did the trick. Bsc connection started to work smoothly again and those strange o&m cutouts were goner! Took the spareparts-babe to the actual site and hooked her up to the original 2mb point and that was that. Also noticed that 3g was up and on the air too.

So happy ending on this one… Stuff like this is always good to share anyway. Only thing wrong (repeating yeah I know) was the o&m connection with the 2g and the cnbap of the 3g. Other on 2mb and other on ethernet, which really makes this case a mystery. All the equipment satisfied, not alarming anything. Nothing was to be seen wrong with the 2mb measurements neither, just nothing.

– J.T.