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Reply To: IRAT HO from Ericsson 3G to ALU 2G (HR)


Hi all,
in our ALU netowrk we observe high HO_Inc_MSC_3G_2G_fail_radio(3G to 2G HO fails due to radio problems)…
We reallocated the RNC from one MSSC to other, which is the same with MSSC served the ALU BSC’s.
After that the number of fails are the same but radio fails are increased and BSS fail decreased.
Is there anybody to know what can be the reasons for this radio fails and why after the RNC relocation the BSS fail becomes radio fail….
I think that this radio fail are not related with Half rate usage because there are cells without Half rate but with high 3G2G_HO radio fails.
What can be the reasons for 3G2G_HO radio fails?
Thank you in advance !