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Reply To: DL RxQuality Degraded after HR Reduction


Thanks Pix for quick respond….

FR & HR is actually AMR HF & AMR HR

1. For High TS Usage i will comeback after some analysis.

2.Downlink receive quality Ths is 39(i.e -71), Downlink interference quality offset is 1(Check the relation between level and quality to
judge whether there is any interference in service
judgment channel when handover occurs in the cell).

3.We are using ZTE system & DTX Enabling is available only for UL/DL and it is enabled. It dosen’t give like DTX FF/HR or AMR

I am also looking for codec usages & will share the results.

Tell me if there can be any issue with DTX(any delay in measurements), Also what are the best codec’s to be used for HR & Full Rate( How to judge codec selection)