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Reply To: Samsung mobiles can get only 1+1 TS!!



the RA CAP UPDATE might help, let me know…

you could try to do the following : do a UL ping (from your MS to the GGSN, for example), with a “big” size:

ping -l 5000 (ip_ggsn)

by doing that, the MS will actually do a UL TBF with a 2 Phase Access, where it updates the MFS with its multislot class.
In this scenario, the MS will send a packet resource request.
the MFS will reply with a packet downlink assignment, with full pdch allocation.

In other scenario, the MS will only do a 1 phase access (because the msg sent by MS initially is small, like a ftp request or http request)
then the MFS will transfer the http page with a dl tbf. This dl tbf is established with a packet downlink assignment message. In which you should find full pdch allocation as well. The difference is that here, the MFS retrieved the multislot class from the SGSN.

So scenario 1 (ul ping) = multislot class info retrieved from MS.
scenario 2 (browsing or ftp dl transfer) = multislot class retrieved from sgsn.

i’m very interested in your results 🙂