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Reply To: Immediate assignment issue


Hello pix,

When ms is on SD which is on hopping TRX;
Call initiation
CM Service request
Channel request is also OK,
Than call attempt
RR sent immediate assingment
Than Block call occures(reason: no traffic channel assignment)

But when ms is on SD which is on BCCH TRX;
Everything is fine, classmark is fine, ciphering starts, finally call establishments..

In drive test, both dl RxLev and Rxqual are OK. Anyway i ordered to dt team to test on dominant area of the serving cell and the test method is stationary for the problematic cells\sites.

According to statistics, such low SD ASGSR cells has not high SD drops, no TCH drop problem. TCH assignment success rate is between %98-100 for problematic cells, is also OK.

About SD overloading, when i remove sd channel from TCH TRX to BCCH TRX, sd asgsr is improving. I tried that for 9 cells and all of them improved.

Cells are soft resetted, 1 cell hard resetted, no improvement. Just when i remove SD from hopping trx, there is improvement