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Reply To: Microcell parameters for ALU B10


those are averaging windows, used to average the last “n” SACCH measurement-results.
Those averages are then used for HO decisions (= the raw measurements are useless).

If A_lev_Ho = 4, it means that the value of rxlev used in algorithms is acctually the averages of the past 4 rxlev measuremed.
There is one measurement every 480ms (= 0.5s), so it means that one avg_rxlev is an average of the past 4*0.5 = 2s.
If a_lev_ho is too small, then averages are too ‘jumpy’. HO decisions are made on fake pikes or dives .
If too large, then in front of a criticial loss of signal, the averages will not reflect the problem soon enough. The HO cannot be detected in time.

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