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Reply To: Microcell parameters for ALU B10


hi ian,

yes, i do know how MCHO work 🙂
so i’m sure we will sort it out !

first thing : whn you activate the MCHO handovers, they do not forbid other type of handovers to take place. They only activate 3 new causes (UL and DL and BAD SACCH) among all the others that already exist.
IMO, the MCHO causes DL and UL are not useful and can be simulated by the typical “low DL” and “low UL” level HO causes.
The cause BAD SACCH is more interesting and is tuned thanks to the parameter N_BAD_SACCH.

1/ Deactivate MCHO DL and MCHO UL.
2/ Apply these default settings;
l_rxqual_dl_h=39 (*0.1)
l_rxqual_ul_h=39 (*0.1)
l_rxlev_dl_h= -93dBm
l_rxlev_ul_h= -101dBm
ho_margin(s,n) = 5dB in both directions
Optimize this setting:
a_pbgt_ho = 12, then 10 then 8 SACCH

do you see any decrease of HO QUALITY ?

What about HO INTERFERENCE ? Is it high ?

Please post some real Qos readings for HO split, HO outgoing preparation sucess rate and HO efficiency rate, idle band measurements of the interference and the “RMS” rxlev_avg, rxqual_avg, timing_advance_avg for each TRX of that cell.