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Reply To: TCH assignment for HR and FR


hi MRD (is the same name with MURAD?),

ok then, here is my opinion about these two thresholds:

(I will take an example with HR used for 8 TS)

– FRU(90%)means that FR TCHs are again allocated when the number of the free FR resources INCREASES above 90%.
example: 90% of 8TS = 7.2TS. In this case, FR TCHs will be allocated if 7 or more FR TCHs are
available, if FR TCHs are lower than 7TS, than HR TCHs will be allocated.

– FRL(60%)means that HR TCHs are allocated when the number of the free FR resources DECREASES above 60%
example: 60% of 8TS = 4.8TS. In this case, HR TCHs will be allocated if 4 or fewer FR TCHs are available.

So I think that HR usage is to high with these thresholds and I would recommend to use the above thresholds, in order to avoid even possible congestion:

FRU = 15% (15% of 8TS = 1.2TS)
FRL = 7% (7% of 8TS = 0.56TS)

I hope I could help
Any suggestion or correction is welcomed 🙂