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Reply To: Activation TFO


Hi Ian,

It’s not my website :)) But thanks anyway!

I know only ALU radio, but I know it well, yes 🙂

HR = bad voice quality
–> NOOOOO ! If HR is used by *both* mobiles and if TFO is activated, the voice quality is actually excellent !
The HR should actually be used only during MS-MS calls, that would be the best idea. And keep FR for MS-PSTN calls. My settings from yesterday are trying to work in this direction : HR is favorized for MS-MS calls. Therefore other type of calls (MS-PSTN) are more likely to remain in FR.

I guess you are using B10 ? In this case, you must know that AMR and TFO do not work together. I mean that if a MS is using an AMR codec (be it HR or FR), then the TFO cannot be activated for that call. Unless… unless you set FORCE_TFO_VS_AMR = Enable; in which case the MS with AMR will stop using AMR, and will use a legacy codec (such as FR or HR).
For B10 network, I would personally push for TFO rather than AMR : TFO is free and gives good VQ. AMR is expensive and the results are not impressive at all.
That’s just my opinion though…

AMR WB is a new B10 feature, and that particular type of AMR works only with TFO.
If you decide to use AMR WB, ensure that EN_TFO_AMR_WB = Enable.
It provides a brilliant VQ, fabulous, but unless your marketing team advertizes it well, I don’t how this will generate more revenue for your operator compared to other operators. On top of that, not that many MS supports this feature yet.
AMR WB requires to buy special MT120 boards (MT120 WB) for your TC. You could put for example 2 MT120WB boards per TC, and the rest = MT120. All MS which are AMR WB capable will be handled by these two specific WB boards. (1 board = 120 simult. calls)

If you have more questions, let me know. And please use these TFO settings and let me know how it goes.