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Reply To: NC2 ALU B10



I’d like to know where you are working… Can you email me this info there :
pix_erlang (at) yahoo dot fr

well, nc2 is useful, of course, since it allows to distinguish cells that will handle packet traffic from cells that will carry voice traffic. As you know, there is a kind of repulsion between the two… It’s better to have clean and strong frequencies for packet, while voice can easily accomodate noisier environment, with more loaded cells.

Anyway, NC2 is rather complex to tune, the two parameters you wrote are the basic ones, but then you have a lot others to tune. Are you (and your colleagues) interested in a training about this topic ?

regarding IR and Resegmentation, you are right. Cehck out the parameter description, details are provided… I’ll copy/paste here tomorrow (or “sometime”, should i say 🙂 )