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Reply To: Inbound Roamer


hi ako,

I can’t answer to you directly, because I never dived into all those details. But I can tell you where you will find the answer:

3GPP 23.122 chapter 4.4.3 PLMN SELECTION

It starts with this :

“The ME shall utilise all the information stored in the SIM related to the PLMN selection; e.g. “HPLMN Selector with Access Technology”, “Operator controlled PLMN Selector with Access Technology”, “User Controlled PLMN Selector with Access Technology”, “Forbidden PLMNs”, “Equivalent HPLMN”, see 3GPP TS 31.102 [40].”

So I guess you’ll find answers in 31.102 as well.

Have a good read and please let us know your findings.