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Reply To: ALU Counter P105 /NB_error_UL_Frame_MMFS


Hi, Ian!
Hi, Pix!

Dear Ian, at first, I think you mean P103 counter – according to description you listed. P105a/b/c/d/e – counters related to TBF establishment failure due to congestion on Air/Abis/Ater etc (as far as I remember).
You say that it is about 5000 per hour and you worry about it. I felt the same when I saw this counter for the first time 🙂 Just look at this value in percents – I’m guess that it isn’t so significant. In our situation we had up to 10000 bad frames per hour but it was only 0,03%. As our TAC said – until this indicator stay within 0,05% limit we have no reason to worry.
But yes – once we saw that this counter increased three times for one BSC (GPU), then for two other, then – for several more GPUs. For some BSCs it coincided with an increase of TBF Drops due to BSS (I saw your thread about this problem too).
As Pix said – the treatment was easy – to reboot the MFS. I can’t be sure that we didn’t have the same problem again, but next week I can clarify that.
But still – I’m very interesting in physical nature of event that causes P103 increment. If you find out something about it I would be grateful if you share it here.

P.S. ia.,Alcatel has lots of advantages, so don’t be so sharp!

Beast Regards, Lily