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Reply To: 3 site on same E1 with DAP


hi Bijoy.
in case that 3 sites share 1 EDAP
i have only in 1 site EDGE and GPRS support and in other 2 sites i have no EDGE and GPRS traffic.i faund this by checking KPI,from KPI i have no DL TBF assighnment and i have no DL TBF traffic at all.just a few UL TBF stablished in EDGE and GPRS mode and i have no DL traffic for them.actually i have a few UL traffic for both of EDGE and GPRS but i havenot any DL traffic for them.
meanwile,for other 2 sites i have alarm 7725(traffic channel activation failure for PDTCH channel.

when i split 1 EDAP to 3 EDAP,same result occure,but in this situation i have no 7725,actually in this case BSC can activate PDTCH for all of 3 sites,but KPI indicate that i have no DL TBF(DL traffic) at all.