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Reply To: Negative Value of RTCH Assign Prepara


Hi Pix,

Thank for reply. Already check the formula and counter:
the formula RTCH_assign_prep_fail_BSS = RTCH_assign_request – RTCH_assign_command – RTCH_assign_cong

From NPO, we see the nb of assign_command is higher than assign_request.The value for assign_cong is 0.So, the problem counter at assign_command. But from the PMRES file, we can see it shown different value as same hrs especially for MC140b.We suspect NPO having a problem after rehoming activity for a few hrs before it become stable. Correct me if i’m wrong or maybe you have better opinion for this. Now there are no more -ve value but we need to know the root cause to avoid this in future.Tq