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Reply To: Amount of GPRSusers per sector in alcate


Hi Pix!

Thanks a lot for detailed answer. I see i should be very careful with MAX_PDCH_HIGH_LOAD in the future 🙂

but i still have questions…
this one is theoretical, but still – very curious to me.

we use for speech normal burst, don’t we? which contains 114 “useful” bits and 26 – TSC and 8 – tail bits and flags. What kind of burst we use for PS? Still – normal burst (i.e. 114 bits as payload)? or we use all 148(140) bits for “user’s” data? i’m asking this question because as i know MS doesn’t send measurement reports while in PS mode – maybe because 26 bit for TSC are also used for “user’s” data? and MS just can’t calculate BER (RxQual)….
i’m sure that MS “is silent” while in PS – i saw it in NPO – all trxs carring PS data are empty and have no RMS data at all – no RxLev, nor RxQual, nor TA data….

oh, about RxQual, FER and other stuff:
i exported FER_UL for my test area for 10 days and saw an amazing picture – sometimes it is enormous (permanently, without spalashes) even while everything elseis OK: RxLev and RxQuall for example.
What could be reason for such abnormal behavioure – bad UL FER?

Many thanks in advance !!!

Best regards, Pawa