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Reply To: Amount of GPRSusers per sector in alcate



MIN_PDCH = 0 but MAX_PDCH_HIGH_LOAD = 3 – and got the same 3 time-slots which are always busy … h-mmmm

that’s normal, it is the way it works now. the max_pdch_high_load timeslots are “cleared” only when there is no more GPRS traffic in the cell. In which case they can be used by TCH.
Min_pdch are always booked by PDCH, even when there is no PS traffic.

fh activation and follow-up

i’m not sure that the RMS can help you. you should rely on more standard indicators, such as call drop rate, CSSR, sdcch assign unsuccess rate, outgoing handover execution rate, handover quality, handover interference, etc.

rxqual average

it’s not weighted. It is a pure arithmetic average, no worries.
0*samples(rxqual0) +
1*samples(rxqual1) +
2*samples(rxqual2) +
3*samples(rxqual3) +

all divided by the total number of samples.