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Reply To: Amount of GPRSusers per sector in alcate


hi Pix

thanks for quick answer i appreciate it very much

i will try to apply parameters you recommended and will write about result here

another question – just can’t understand the difference between MIN_PDCH and MAX_PDCH_HIGH_LOAD – i set
MIN_PDCH = 3 and saw in statistic that 3 time-slots are always busy
then set MIN_PDCH = 0 but MAX_PDCH_HIGH_LOAD = 3 – and got the same 3 time-slots which are always busy … h-mmmm

another question about FER and RxQual:
I exported RxQualAverage for my test area for 10 days and was surprised with coloration NPO did. RxQual > 0.8 has RED color…. i saw the formula – very unusual way to get average value – am i right if i say that is a “weighted” value?
but back to my original issue – i need a way to estimate the result of hopping activation citywide, because main kpis changed specifically and drive test i ll do maybe next week. moreover i thought that the same method could aplied for estimation other mass changes – new frequency plan for example.
i am looking for something as descriptive as logs from drive-test are and as easy-to-get as daily statistic data (RMS i mean…)

best regards, Pawa