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Reply To: Amount of GPRSusers per sector in alcate


Hello Pix
thank you
i try to do my best

still have questions, this time about specific parameters
1/ in edit cell in OMC-r i can see the following parametrs:
MAX_PDCH_PER_TBF = 5 – it means (as i understand) that one user theoretically can occupy 5 time-slot. is it correct? but as far as i know there are no MS that can do that – max numb 4?
will some change if we set MAX_PDCH_PER_TBF = 4 instead of 5?

i found out 2 parameters in OMC_R related (possibly) to supervising amount TBF per PDCH – seprate for UL and DL. am i on the right path?

MAX_UL_TBF_SPDCH = 5 – it means that in UL we can share one PDCH (as i heard in B10 we have only SPDCH, no MPDCH) between 5 users. is it correct?

MAX_DL_TBF_SPDCH = 8 and this means that in DL we can share one PDCH between 8 users. is it correct?

what do you think about such values?

thanks for help, Pix

best regards, Pawa