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Reply To: Amount of GPRSusers per sector in alcate


hi Pix

thank you very much yuor explanation is very good you should be a tutor!
you helped me a lot already but i still have some questions
1/ what is the commonly used value for amount TBF per PDCH? is 5 good one?

2/not about GPRS
we activated hopping (NH_RH) in one area and i want to estimate result because kpis changed much. some cells became better other feels worse. as i know in case of hopping we shouldn’t take into account RxQual but use FER. i want to find indicators related toFER in NPO but saw that there ones only for UL. maybe i was looking for them in wrong folder? or there are no indicators for FER in DL inNPO at all?

sorry if my questions are too stupid but i new in gsm

thank you for help

best regards, Pawa