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Reply To: cell resection parameter

el mariachi

C2=C1-cell reselect offset,if panelty time =31,
am i right?
I want to know,i put panelty=31 and cell reselect offset=5db,what will the effect on this particular cell?consider cell is high utilise.

well, the idle UE under this cell will have less C2 by the offset value.
so this is decreasing the possibility to camp on it. and when establishing a new call, the UE may establish it on the first neighbour cell with C1 higher than C2 on the original cell.
then if the handover conditions are satisfied, the HO will take place.

so by setting the reselection parameters as mentioned above, this decreases the call establishing on it.
if it is high utilized, the SDCCH traffic shall decrease.
you may solve a problem of SDCCH congestion but you need to ensure the nughbour’s behaviour and KPIs.

hope this helped a little.