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Reply To: hreqave, hreqt ??


Red_Satan have a read GSM0508?

See sections: Measurement averaging process and BSS decision algorithm

Hreqave and Hreqt:
The values of Hreqt and Hreqave are defined by O&M for each cell for the averaging of reported measurements. The values of Hreqave and Hreqt can be different for each of the parameters being averaged.

defines the period over which an average is produced, in terms of the number of SACCH blocks containing measurement results, i.e. the number of measurements contributing to each averaged measurement.

is the number of averaged results that are maintained.
The BSS shall support values of Hreqave and Hreqt such that
0 < Hreqav < 32 and 0 < Hreqt < 32 where Hreqave * Hreqt < 32 Also, see: Table A.1: Parameters and thresholds stored for handover purposes Hreqave RXLEV, RXQUAL and MS_BTS Distance averaging periods defined in terms of number of SACCH multiframes. Range (1, 31); step size 1. Hreqt The number of averaged results that can be sent in a "handover required message" from BSS to MSC. Range (1, 31); step size 1.