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Reply To: Uplink TBF & Downlink TBF


1. Is there any value for TBF?
_ no, a tbf is the list of timeslot “pdch” that the MS can use in one direction.

2. Why do we use TFI if we already have TBF?
_ to identify the TBF that this MS uses compared to other MS in the same TRX. It is just a logical identifier.

3. Is TFI cell parameter and changeable?
_ no, it is dynamically allocated by the MFS. It doesn’t mean anything to us, mere mortals.

4. If I want to know the downloaded/uploaded traffic in a cell. To which counter should I look at?
_ indicators are vendor dependant. in ALU, you can check the RLC throughput per cell.

5. If I want to know the average DL/UL speed. To which KPI should I look at: RLC throughput or LLC throughput?
_ LLC throughput per TBF = throughput from user point of view. If you don’t have it, then you can use the useful RLC throughput per TBF. It is almost as precise.
You can also check the usage of MCS per TBF, that gives a good indication too.