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Reply To: E-GSM and P-GSM


Hello Jack,

why P and E band must use in separate cells?
— it is a nokia’s limitation

why channels of both bands cannot be used in same cell?
— it is a nokia’s limitation

please explain this situation:
if in one cell BCCH TRX have E-GSM FREQ and other TRXs have P-GSM FREQ,it is possible?

— In nokia, according to your document : no
But in ALU for example, it is possible, however it is not recommended ! Because not all MS are E-GSM capable. Therefore it is better to have a P-GSM BCCH, and some E GSM trx. If MS is EGSM capable, it goes to EGSM trx, otherwise it goes to PGSM trx. But in all cases, the MS is able to do the call setup on a PGSM BCCH.