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Reply To: MC02d – ALU, help, please!


Hello, Pix!
Oh, it’s not good to have a throat-ache in such a hot summer
I hope that you are better now, since your last post. In my country there is a medicine for such cases it’s called horseradish vodka 🙂 it is a medicine for real men 🙂
But I hope you are recovered without such a therapy

Back to GSM stories
I’ll ask my boss to share that results about alcatel vs huawei comparison. I hope he won’t refuse me
And I must say that I mislead you because the correct formula for Imm_Ass is

Imm_Ass = (MC01 + MC02 – MC02a) / (MC148 + MC04 – MC 964)

So called Immediate Assignment WITHOUT Loc Upd.
As my colleague says in such way it could show values > 100%, if MC02d is significant. It should be substracted from the numerator because it also refers to LU and is taken into account by MC964.
What a gap 🙂
I’m not very confident with traces but my colleagues are, they also consider that it is the only way to find the answer So when we get some result I share it here

I wish you the soonest recovery
and thanks alot

Good night
Br, p1988