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Reply To: MC02d – ALU, help, please!



yes, you made me laugh !!!

follow on procedure = the user is making a call while the MS is doing a Location Update.

-> the SDCCH is used for LU, and then it is kep to establish the call (call setup procedure).
One SDCCH is used by one MS : 1 LU + 1 Call setup, one after the other.

This is very rare!

This can happen if:
1/ the MS is a device that never receives call and never perform LU. It only establishes call from time to time. So when establishing this call, it does a LU just before, to update the NW. (well, that’s the only example I could think of)
2/ the user is very lucky… (too lucky to be true, though)

After a normal location update, the SDCCH is released normally. Nothing special happens.

MC02d counts the number of LU with follow-on request, is that true ? (I forgot)

I don’t see how you could increase this counter… you just can’t force MS to do a LU just before a call. And you can’t certainly force your users to do a call while the MS is doing a LU. That’s insane.

You should dig deeper in the 3GPP, see exactly what kind of scenarios they were thinking about (roaming ? emergency calls ? supp services ?). But anyway, I do’nt think you can increase it.

Why do they want *you* to increase it? What’s their plan?