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Reply To: MC02d – ALU, help, please!


hello denis,

nice to hear from you 🙂

mc02d is used in the formula of the E2E CSSR
( ((MC718) + (MC142e) + (MC142f)) / ((MC01) – NZ((MC191))+ (MC02e) + (MC02d) + (MC02f) + (MC02h)))

it is a right assumption to say that the bad E2E CSSR is caused solely by mc02d. However, you can check it by taking the raw counters and apply the E2E CSSR formula yourself. (though i don’t think it is necessary here, it seems obvious)

i don’t know why you have your MS’s sending LU follow-on requests. If you have the proper tools, maybe you would find it is one specific model of phone that is behaving like this ?