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Reply To: Minute Erlang Per drop


el mariachi,

yes, that’s correct.
The real formula of “minute erl per drop” is “erlang*60 / number of drops”
(if measurements done in one hour)
my formula is just a trick, to study the real formula.


drop/erl = 0.64
FR traffic = 23.43 erl
HR traffic = 18.12 erl
–> drop = 0.64*(23.43+18.12) = 26.6 drops

with “my” stupid formula, you should get:
drop/calls = 26.6drops / [(23.43erl+18.12erl)*3600/13.43s] = 26.6/11138 = 0.2%

In your inputs, you say that there are only 2164 call attempts, but I find “11,138” tch attempts. I guess the difference is due to high amount of incoming HO in the cell.
Look at the very short tch duration avg… it’s very bad !! 13 seconds !!