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LU – Part 3

The MSC/VLR switches on ciphering, if the result from the authentication is correct. For this purpose, the MSC/VLR sends information to both, the MS and the BTS.

The BTS extracts its part form the ENCR_CMD message, which is Kc and sends the rest in a CIPH_MOD_CMD message to the MS. The CIPH_MOD_CMD message only contains the information, which cipher algorithm (A5/X) shall be used. The MS confirms, by sending a CIPH_MOD_COM message that ciphering was activated.

If Equipment Check is active, then the MSC/VLR requests the MS to provide its IMEI. This is done in an IDENT_REQ message, which is transparent for the BSS. Please note that the IDENT_REQ message also allows to request the TMSI or the IMSI. The equipment check may be performed at almost any time during the scenario, or in other words, is not tied to this place of the scenario.

The MS transparently transmits its IMEI in an IDENT_RSP message to the MSC/VLR, where it is checked by means of the EIR, whether that equipment is registered stolen or not approved.

The MSC/VLR assigns a TMSI, which is used instead of the IMSI in order to make tracking of subscribers more difficult. TMSI_REAL_CMD is also a transparent message between MSC/VLR and MS. The most important content of this message is the new TMSI. Please note that the assignment of a TMSI may also take place at the end within the LOC_UPD_ACC.

The MS confirms with a TMSI_REAL_COM that the new TMSI was received and stored. If the new TMSI is assigned with a LOC_UPD_ACC, then the TMSI_REAL_COM is obviously sent only after the LOC_UPD_ACC.