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Reply To: Regarding Excel


Hi Sarada Prasanna,
sorry for missunderstanding.
Ok, try this way and you’ll find oneway HO:
In Excel put in column B Source Cell and in column C Target Cell. Assuming the first row is used for column names (sourcetarget, source, target, targetsource, OneWay). In column A (name it SourceTarget) use function CONCATENATE(B2,C2), so you merge source and target cell in column A. Take care that cell names in B and C have no spaces (use TRIM before, just in case). After that in column D (name it TargetSource) use again function CONCATENATE(C2,B2) and you’ll merge this time target and source (oposite than in column A). Of course you’ll do the same for row 3, 4 and so on till the last HO. Now, in column E use formula =VLOOKUP(D2,A:C,1,FALSE) (name it OneWay) and copy the formula down to the last row. That row which show the result #N/A is OneWay Handover.
I hope I helped you, tell us about results.