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Reply To: Frequency Hopping


hi dangerous minds,

the 1800 trx should not be interfered… could you share the values of the KPIs ? (Call Drop Rate, SDCCH Drop Rate, HO Quality %, HO Interference %, TCH Assignment Success Rate)

(before and after activation)

Before SFH1x1, you were doing BBH?

Are you pushing the TCH allocation on the BCCH TRX or on the hopping TRXs ?

What is the congestion rate at busy hour in your area ?

I hesitate between an interference problem (too much traffic, not enough downtilt, poor terrain conditions) or a parameter problem (wrong tch allocation, handovers are not pushing traffic where they should, MS ends up in a cell with low coverage while other cells are providing better coverage).

Because you have a dual band network, the parameter mistake could easily happens, especially with low capacity cells. You must manage “nominal” situations, which already rather difficult, but also “busy hour” situation, by using advanced traffic sharing algorithms (FDR, traffic ho, etc).

Your answers to my questions above might help 🙂