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Reply To: Gn Payload vs RLC Payload


Thanks for your reply pix. Let me share that we calculate RLC payload using RLC data blocks multiplied with the block size (i hope you know the complete details, its just to give you some idea), yes we consider the retransmissions but the retransmission rate in our network is very minimal, so even if we just compare the transmitted payload (excluding retransmissions) even then it doesn’t match the Gn payload values (RLC remains higher then Gn). And can you please clarify on “RLC payload includes Gn payload + Gn header + Gb header”, you know that RLC block structure is something like RLC header + RLC data + Spare bits, so how your equation fits in this structure? i hope you got my query… i am a little new to GPRS domain so plz tolerate any stupid question 🙂