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Reply To: Why not use different tilt for each ant.


hi korgi,

yes, why not… but let’s assume it’s what rfengineer999 is doing :

the signal (of 4 TRXs, let’s say) is combined over two antenna feeders at the output of the BTS, which are -each- split in 3.
Instead of going to one xpol antenna, the signal is split over 3xpol antennas.

In this case, each (cross polar) antenna broadcasts the signal of all 4 TRXs equally. There is no coverage difference between the trx bcch and the other trx, as stated below.

But such configuration does not make much sense… why would ANT2 and ANT3 have the same tilt ?? Why would they all be oriented towards the same azimuth ? (note: korgi, those are only rhetorical questions, i don’t expect you to answer 😀 )

I think rfengineer999 is either talking about 1 sector with 3 cells from different band (2G 900, 2G 1800, 3G 2100), or is talking about sector 1, sector 2 and sector 3. So any clarification on the actual azimuth, frequency band, number of trxs, power of trxs, etc is very much welcome 🙂