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Reply To: Co-BCCH/TCH + co-BSIC



no, all those air-interface protocols are fully described and full frozen in the 3GPP (because they are ms-dependent)

I can give you two solutions :
– don’t do handovers (…)

– *more seriously, i promise* optimize the rach_ta_filter in n1 : the ho access from n2 arrives at random toa (time of advance) in the cell n1, because the 2 cells are not sync. The TOA here does not indicate the distance between MS and the n1, it is just a random value. For n2, of course, it represents the distance MS to n2.

By setting rach ta filter(n1) = 32 instead of 64 (limiting the call setup coverage at 18km instead of 36km, which sounds reasonnable in an urban environment), you will reject 50% of the HO ACCESS.

Not a bad solution, considering it is only 8am 🙂