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Reply To: doubt on inter bsc and intra bsc handove


i have one doub about inter bsc (external handover)
BSC s are NOKIA and MSC s are Ericson.
after that BSC recognise that an External handover is required BSC send a HANDOVER_REQUIRED msg to MSC(ericsson) and After receiving a HANDOVER_REQUIRED message from the BSC, the MSC determines the candidate cell(?) and sends a HANDOVER_REQUEST message to the target BSC. When the BSC receives this message, the handover attempt is started. The message contains, for example, information on the cell identifier of the candidate cell.

my doubt is on ? in my previous statement.
How does MSC recocnise exactly the BSC of target cell??
is it true?
MSC only Know LAC of one cell and know that this LAC belong to which BSC?
how about this position if one LAC consist of several BSC?
how does MSC recognise to witch BSC the cell belngs??