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Reply To: Poor Handover Success Rate—Pix


Dear Suzanne,

1. Good.

2. No there is no parameter as such.

3.SUMA is the processing card(brain) of the site.

4.You can harden a handover to another cell by playing with the HO_Margins(lev,qual etc) or even linkfactor.Also remember that u can always play with Rxlev_min(n) to prevent handover to target cell unless the level served by target cell is better than this threshold.

5.I already answered this question 🙂

6. I would like to take Pix’s views on this.As far as i m concerned,there is no such thing as a general “magic parameter” that will resolve all of ur issues.Optimization Actions vary from case to case 🙂

P.S(@ Pix): I have worked on NSN(ex-Siemens) aswell and they have the parameter Rxlevmin on adjacency level unlike Alcatel where its cell level.This is very useful if present on adjacency level.Any reason why Alcatel is not providing this on adjacency level?Wat are ur views abt this?