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Reply To: trgput kbps / tbf>kbps / pdch


Dear Guyz,
Interesting Q&A Session going on so I decided to drop by.I have a few questions of my own regarding GPRS throughput(slightly irrelevant to the previous discussion but I am sure both of u wouldnt mind slight deviation as long as its related 2 throughput :P). Feel free 2 confuse me aswell coz the questions are already quite confusing 🙂

1:The max no of TSs a user can have depends on MS Multislot Class aswell.Now mostly the max TSs that a user can have in one directions is 4(eg 4+1 for Multislot Class 8)[Excluding Multislot class 30-33]. So, even if we increase MAX_PDCH_per_TBF beyond 4 or 5, it will not have any impact in increase in throughput.Am I correct?

2: Consider a site having 1 E1 and of configuration 4/4/6.So as one TRX requires 2 Abis TSs so total no of Abis Ts’s used would be 31 ie..(14*2=28 for data + 3(or 2)for Signaling).So, it means that we dont have any Extra Abis TSs configured for the site.Now excluding Bonus+Extra Nibbles, we are only left with BASIC Nibbles per cell.
Now as we know that inorder to achieve MCS9, we need to have around 5GCH(4.49Abis nibbles)
If we consider
Cell A(4 TRX):Total Basic Abis nibbles =(4*8)=32
MS MULTISLOT Class 8(4+1)for all users
so one user using 4 PDCH would require=(4*4.5)=18Abis Nibbles
So, with this calculation, we can have only one user using MCS9 simultaneously in this cell? because we dont have another 18 Abis Nibbles(only 14 left).Am i right?

3:If an MS Multislot Class is 8(4+1), so can that user use less than 4 TSs(PDCH) or is it compulsory for it to use 4(to satisfy its Multislot Class)?