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Reply To: 2g huawei



hey buddy i have discussed with one trainer he was telling that at a time pdch can handle total 9 tbf in ul + 7 in dl. but as with discussed with u and my knowledge it is at a time 16 in dl + 7 in ul is it k?

and he was explaining for this frame structure so if possible plz clarify?

and can u tell me how n3101,n3103,n3105 i means its significance?

and in huawei we have formula for tbf sucess is ul tbf attempts(for gprs+edge)+ dl tbf attempts (gprs+edge) / ul tbf success(for gprs+edge)+ dl tbf success (gprs+edge) .so is it ok because here after esblishing tbf if its drop then its not coming inn picture so can u help?