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Reply To: E2E CSSR in ALU


Dear Guyz,
I observed one very strange thing in this E2E CSSR indicator.I was checking many cells which are having very high SD Drop Rate and corresponding decrease in the normal CSSR but the E2E CSSR indicator is not impacted at all.Can someone tell me that howcome SD Drop is not impacting the E2ECSSR?
As already discussed, the formula can be simplified as
E2E CSSR=(No of RTCH Assign Success/ No Of All SD Assign Success for Call establishment).
Now, if there is an SD Drop due to radio conditions, the denominator would be incremented by 1(as SD was already successfully seized) but numerator would be still the same(as no RTCH Assignment was successful corresponding to this SD).So, overall the value should be decreased!
The only reason that comes to my mind for this problem is that maybe the drops are occurring either due to Location updates or SMS and as these are not taken into account in SD phase so the indicator not impacted.But still probability of this phenomenon occurring everywhere in the network is not that much.Kindly shed some light into the matter.