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Reply To: HO Failure Leading to Increase in DCR


Thanks everyone for giving me the honour of naming a procedure after my name and using Pix and my name in the same sentence 🙂

and you can also check for synchronization issues with BTS.
These too result in Handover failures. how to check would be vendor dependent. for Alcatel the options of Sync_mode are GPS sync , PCM sync or free running clock… now if you have PCM synchronized and there are no slips then its ok or if its GPS sync and the signals are ok then too its ok. normally free running clocks can give you trouble.. In Alcatel SUMA ( the site processor) needs tweeking when this happens.
Synchronization can effect Outgoing handover or Inc_HO or both of a cell / multiple cells of same site.
If you find such parameter ‘Sunc_Mode” for Nokia do let us know for our information 🙂