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Thanks Naveen & Ali

if we make config like;
BCCH=1800 (UL)
TRX2=1800 (UL)
TRX3=1800 (UL)
TRX4=900 (OL)
TRX5=900 (OL)

* I prefer to make 900 band as non-bcch and overlaid (OL) due to limited frq, only 10 frqs. Because I can not make good BCCH plan with such less frqs.

And using synthesizer Hopping;

TRX2 & TRX3 will be hopping in MA list or CHG of 1800 frq ( min 2 frqs)

and TRX4 & TRX5 will be hopping in MA list of 900 frq (min 2 frqs)

Is that right? But we lost Hopping gain due to only 2 frq per band.

Because if we use only 1800 band and 4 frq in MA hopping list, that will better performance.

I know that its possible to give priority or make more attractive of any band, 900 or 1800 with parameters like taking traffic from 900 trxs until they are full and then 1800 trx will get traffic or vice versa.