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Dear Pix,
Thanks a lot for such a quick reply!

Yes, I understood your thought (and absolutely agree) – that the only reason for TBF drop decrease (with T_NETWORK_RESPONSE_TIME < 1,6) is the fact that probability for TBF drop is lower for shorter TBF delay time. And we’re going to find out it’s true or not :))))) We decided to test the next set: 1,6 sec – was used 1,2 sec 1 sec 0,8 sec 0,6 sec Each value will be used during 7-8 days. I’m also wonder why nothing was said about throughput and resources utilization – it would be logical (as for me) because if we released resources of the cell earlier, we could use them more effectively. But we’ll see it with our own eyes:) … Those docs are excellent, I was delighted when I saw them 🙂 The best from Alcatel (in contrast with docs for B7 / B8 and B9).Nice to read before bed 🙂 I’m just kidding, they’re really good :)))) Yes, of course, I’ll share all our results. I think after all changes we’ll see, need we Gb traces or not. Good night! Once more – many thanks! Best regards, Lily