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Reply To: Assignment request timer


one night sleep and i notice that i just misguide you…

the immediate assignment reject is a feature that intervenes during the SDCCH Assignment !

So your problem is : the MS has the sDCCH but can’t get a TCH, because it is rejected too early.

So my final solution was actually related to your problem anyway :
The TCH Queuing is a VERY basic feature that MUST be activated ALL the time EVERYwhere. No question about it.

On the other hands, I just forget what happens when the BSC can’t allocate a radio channel to the MS. It certainly indicates the rejection in a downlink SDCCH message, but I forgot the name. It is immediate rejection anyway, there is no timer (the only available timer is T11, which is the queueing timer… so that’s the timer you are looking for…)

I really hope I didn’t confuse you too much with my stories about “immediate assignment”…