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Reply To: Erlang Calculation


Hey Sineesh,

Beautiful calculations and predictions but i think its a bit wild… Wat say Pix??

Comin to point: U r again trying to converge Channel with Erlang. SO, again am gonna say the same. 35 channel not gonna support 35 subscribers alone. U cannnot predict the number of subscribers possible with number of channels.

Its supported by number of TRX. Via no. of TRX u can find how many erlangs can these many TRX support. Say: I have 2 TRX. This can support around 7 erlangs with 2% GOS. Now the 7 Erl shall be divided with 25merl (Average capacity of 1 subscriber) which gives around 280 subscribers. This is the way to calculate no. of subscribers possible with given no. of TRX.

There is no concept of calculating subs with no. of channels, as no perticular channel will be dedicated to a sub unless ur system is a nonhopping one.

Post = Understood?????