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Reply To: Erlang Calculation

Sineesh C

Hi Prabeen and Pix,

Normally one user doesn’t use one Erlangs.

Average user of one User is .09 Erl in BSNL 0.042 Erl in MTS, 0.02Erl in Tata.
All the above values are assumptions.

For Example in BSNL Average Erlangs is 0.09Erl

It means that each user is active for the period 9 percentage of an Hour

Means 60(min) *9/100 = 5.4 min

BSNL assuming MS active for the period of 5.4minutes in one Hour

My doubt is ,

If we have 35 channels, it will support 35 simultaneous calls.Assume each call holding
for one Hour.
One MS holding one hour means, this MS using 1 Erl.

So 35 MS using 35 Erlangs.

So the system of 35 channels providing 35 Erlangs Capacity with 0% Blocking probability (35 channels 35 Users)

So With 2 % Blocking , We can say the system has more than 35 Erl Capacity.

This is my concept. I know there is some mistake in this .Please help me to find out