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Reply To: Paging capacity on Abis



First of all, thanks a lot for sharing your results so precisely, this is very important to me.

1. Max AGCH load = 23%, I think this is totally acceptable. I believe that it can increase up to 60% without negative impact on the call setup.

2. You cannot activate AG PCH PREEMPT if BLKS = 3. It can be activated only if BLKS = 0 or 1. However, you didn’t share your AGCH Load after activating the PREEMPTION. Was it still OK ?

I know the preemption looks fantastic, but there is something I don’t like about preemption : I am not sure the “PCH Load” and the “AGCH Load” indicators are correctly computed.
If I were you, I’d set:
BLKS = 1
PREEMPT = enable

And I would monitor MC925f very closely (Number of IMMEDIATE ASSIGN COMMAND messages received by the BTS on Abis and discarded due to congestion).

3. The Multiple CCCH : I am afraid your eyes are not going past the word “multiple” 🙂 “Multiple CCCH” and “Multiple Pagings” are different features !
The “Multiple Pagings Commands on Abis” mean that the BSC aggregates several paging requests into 1 Abis message, insttead of 1 request for 1 Abis msg.
There are two parameters to control this feature :

Defaults values indicates that this feature is activated by default. This is a new B10 feature, which is (therefore) activated during the migration. Keep it enable 🙂