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Reply To: Paging capacity on Abis


Hi Pix,
1. In 6 cells (single cells) we changed AG_BLKS_RES from 4 to 3. As a result CCCH_Paging_Command_Abis_discarded_cong_rate for this object zone of 6 cells decreased from 5.5 % (aprox) to 1.8 %. The other indicator CCCH_AGCH_load_CS_Abis_max increased from 18% to 23% (that’s AGCH loading).

2. In 11 cells (micro cells and some single cells with 2 TRXs) we changed AG_BLKS_RES from 4 to 1 and activated AG_PCH_PREEMPT. Results for the object zone of these 11 cells: CCCH_Paging_Command_Abis_discarded_cong_rate decreased from around 6% to around 0.57 %.

Did we do a good thing, since paging congestion decreased?
Is the AGCH loading to much? I think better a bit increase in loading (AGCH) than an increase in paging congestion.
What do you think if we continue the same with all cells in the LAC?.
And, what if we activate AG_PCH_PREEMPT for the cells with AG_BLKS_RES=3?

There is an indicator CCCH_Paging_Multiple_Paging_Command_received_Abis (nb) and is around 660000. Is that mean we already have activated multiple CCCH feature. How to check that, I can’t see it among Cell or BSS parameters.
Best Regards,