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Reply To: Paging capacity on Abis


Hi Pix,
the full description of the indicator is this:
Rate of discarded “PAGING COMMAND” messages received by the BTS on Abis interface over the number of “48.058 PAGING COMMAND” messages received by the BTS on Abis and had to be sent for CS and PS traffic to the MS.

Thanks for your solutions. By MULTIPLE PAGING feature, did you mean Multiple CCCH? I think it’s optional feature which we don’t have and need to pay I think. The only solution left is reduce the size of LAC, but, again I’m not sure because the mentioned LAC is in the big city. Dividing in 2 LACs will lead to high SDCCH congestion due to LU.
All BTSs use statistical 64 kb/s multiplexing (Normal load). Using High Load, again, maybe we need secondary Abis for each BTS.
Any comment on this?
Thanks again,